Artist Spotlight: Whethan

It’s funny because I actually only discovered this amazing DJ (real name: Ethan Snoreck) at like 1 this morning after accidentally choosing one of his songs on Spotify. You see, I was initially looking for a track called “Love Generation” because I was on a mission to figure out the title of this one song […]

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I Finally Got Contacts!!

After many, many years in the waiting, I can finally say I’m a proud owner of contact lenses!! It may not seem like a big deal, but it is for me because this marks the achievement of something I’ve been wanting to do for seemingly forever now to solve a nearly lifelong problem. Here’s my […]

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Obligatory Personal Rant

Well, I haven’t made a personal post on here for quite some time now and with good reason. (A) Hardly anything exciting happens in my home life because my mom only lets me leave the house, like, once in a blue moon; and (B) I’ve been using other positive outlets to try to distract myself […]

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Lust for Life Review (7/21/17)

Ah yes, a new Lana Del Rey / Elizabeth Grant album, and yes, I’ll be alternating between her stage name and real name throughout this review, so just a heads-up. It’s been two years since the release of her last record Honeymoon, and yet it feels like it’s been so much longer. Honestly, I’ve always […]

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Upcoming Live Concerts Update

I’m excited to say that I’ll be seeing VÉRITÉ, Jon Bellion, BANKS and (most likely) Zedd live in Houston this fall. It’s a good thing I bought my tickets to see all these acts before I lost my job earlier this month or frankly, none of this could’ve happened :’) Stay tuned for updates and, […]

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Demi decided to surprise her fans this Tuesday by releasing a new single off her forthcoming sixth (yes, sixth — I feel old!) studio album scheduled to drop later this fall. The name of the track? “Sorry Not Sorry,” a title I’m extremely tempted to refer to stylistically as “#SorryNotSorry” but won’t for the sake of consistency. […]


Quick Breakdown of My Weird Grading

Hey guys, so before I continue posting any more reviews, I think it’s only right that I provide some sort of explanation as to how I score the songs I listen to because it’s definitely not as straightforward as you might think. In terms of assigning alphabetical grades, I reserve these scores solely for overall ratings […]

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Announcing Mini Album Reviews

Hey guys! Sorry for my unexpected hiatus from the blog. (It’s been 23 days since my last post…yikes) These past few weeks have been crazy stressful, and I knew the moment that a week had passed after the release of Lorde’s new album and I still hadn’t listened to it that there was a problem. […]

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